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Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Medical experts now consider weight problems to be a multifaceted health problem and it makes sense to tackle a complicated problem with a comprehensive approach. At Freedom Functional Wellness Louise Higuera, NP, provides anti-aging and functional medicine that focuses on finding the true causes of weight loss resistance. They then craft a customized weight loss plan that addresses root causes, like the game-changing new semaglutide and tirzepatide injections. Call the Mount Juliet, Tennessee, office or book your appointment online now.

Weight Loss Q & A

Why can’t I lose weight?

Many things play into your body weight, from your body’s unique biochemistry to your medical history and lifestyle. One of the main reasons why you’re struggling with weight loss could be that you don’t know your “whys.” 

In the Freedom Functional Wellness weight loss program, you’ll find out the answers to those whys — including why weight loss is so hard, why you always feel hungry, and why your body seems to fight it when you go on a diet. When you know those things, you can take steps to alter those variables and succeed. 


How do you start the weight loss program? 

Freedom Functional Wellness sets you up for success by illuminating and tackling the causes of weight loss resistance. This starts with a physical exam, detailed medical history, and comprehensive lab tests. 

Your lab tests can point out obstacles you might not even be aware of, like high blood sugar and cholesterol, which usually means your body doesn’t use insulin properly. Many people who have insulin resistance go on to develop Type 2 diabetes.

With the answers to your weight loss problems in hand, your provider customizes a path to success for you.


What can I expect in the weight loss program? 

The weight loss program is different for everyone, but many patients are taking advantage of the newest breakthrough in weight loss: semaglutide and tirzepatide injections. The practice offers a low-cost package that includes your injections and lab tests.

These injections contain a copy of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), a natural hormone that works in your brain to regulate feelings of fullness. GLP-1 also helps food move more slowly through the stomach to help you feel full longer. It helps fight insulin resistance and improves your body’s insulin sensitivity.


Studies show that overweight and obese people don’t secrete enough GLP-1 naturally. The injections can essentially bring your body where it needs to be in terms of food intake and fullness, so you’ll eat less without feeling hungry. 

Along with semaglutide and tirzepatide injections, you might need other methods of supporting weight loss, such as hormone balancing or natural supplements. Your provider focuses on your unique needs and helps you successfully tackle weight loss obstacles and reach your goal weight. 

If you’re looking for a weight loss program that solves problems from inside your body for long-term results, call Freedom Functional Wellness or click the online booking feature now.