Meet Our Team
Louise Higuera, NP

Louise Higuera, NP

Louise Higuera, NP, is a board-certified advanced nurse practitioner at Freedom Functional Wellness. Louise sees patients at the Mount Juliet, Tennessee, office.

She completed a bachelor’s degree at Florida State University and a master’s at Austin Peay State University.

A native of Tennessee, Louise feels fortunate to be caring for the community she calls home. She's passionate about finding and treating the root cause of chronic illness and always takes a freedom-based approach to wellness when caring for patients.

Her focus on functional medicine began in 2009 while working in the emergency department, seeing patient after patient present with flares of chronic disease. Conventional medicine was not serving these patients effectively and, in most cases, only palliating symptoms.

She has a personal understanding of chronic pain and illness, in which she consulted many physicians and was told everything was normal. Later discovering that her illness was due to heavy metal toxins, mold illness, chronic Lyme disease, and a disrupted gut, she vowed to help others find the root causes of their chronic illnesses and regain health.

She has a big heart for those who have experienced trauma and has found that it must be addressed and remediated to achieve ultimate healing.

Recently, Louise helped open another functional medicine clinic in the Nashville area. She has been consulting with clients in the functional medicine realm since 2019.

When she isn’t caring for patients, Louise loves spending time with her beautifully unique daughter, enjoying growing her food, and medical missions. Some of the best times of her life were in Burundi, Africa, and Chinandega, Nicaragua.